I have also invested around 2 Lakhs in this company due to one of my stupid friend. Now I have also get cheated by this company. I need some helping hand to post case against this company. I am from Bangalore invested at Chennai through my stupid friend. Now he is also helpless.
If anybody knew about this frauds and how to get back money please contact 09886806645

Dear Sir ,

I am from KERALA

After seeing an advertisement of Verma Kennel in . i Placed an order for St Bernard puppy with paper in co-ordinatio with Naresh,Verma Kennel (08447844760).He fixed the deal with 20K and told me to transfer the money to their account (A/C no : 04801000020917,HDFC Bank,Sarita Vihar Branch,New Delhi) and he promised me will deliver the puppy the day which i transfer the money.But i didnt get the puppy or any call from i called them in that time he said will send the puppy tomorrow nd told me several reasons such as puppy is not well and there is no enough oxygen n the scheduled flight etc…i called him continuously but didnt get any response from Naresh . Some times they cut the phone or Switched it off.From next day onwards some one will pick the phone and says naresh is gone outside…But upto this time i never get The Fraud named NARESH in line.Each time they pick the phone and tell different names these are the other frauds associated with verma kennel ATUL,ROHIT

So i told them to gave back my money for that too they said several dates but i didnt get the money.Mean while i tried to get some details about them and i collected the address : 179, Alif Farm
Old Mandir Pushto
Ranjender Jweller
New Delhi

After a long fight with them they agreed to send me the puppy so i agreed with them and they send me the puppy.But they didnt send me the certificates,while calling they promised me will send it next week but they never gave me, After continuos phone calls they send me one certificate of Kennel club of India’s, i felt some doubt in that so i checked the puppy with a veterinary doctor , the fact is there is no microchip inside the puppy.So i called them again they accept what they diid and told me to give 5k for the certificate

I have the series of mails exchanged with them and the photoshopped Certificate with me

Please Don’t go for any Online Purchase with these frauds & fraud Verma Kennel…



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    1. Nikhil, you are lucky not to have paid verma kennel. They might have sent you a Labrador instead of a bull mastiff (If you were lucky)

  1. Hi All,

    I dont know what was the experience of others. But for me, I had great Experience with this Kennel and Naresh. I am from Pune.
    First time in This January (2014), i ordered labrador. And got the Dog 1 day before expected. Price was also reasonable as compare to others.

    Thats is not it… After that i ordered PITBUL, and there was 2 day delay but i got very good Quality of PITBUL, as said by Vetenary Doc.

    My Friend Vishnu from Karnal also Ordered German Shepherd Dog. he also had nice experience. I even told my other friends and Relatives about this kennel. And

    I NEVER got any Bad feedback from anyone.

    You can contact me for clarifications.

    1. You got the Labrador as this breed is bred locally and in abundance. The one I had ordered is an expensive breed which Verma Kennel had promised to deliver.
      Verma kennel is fraudulent. They are cheats.

  2. dear friend

    maine v vermakenel se maltase dog pair liya hai mughe dog mila or paper v

    or abin bhai jo aap ko dog de sakta hai wo paper q nahi dega…

    ye sab face hai vermakennel is very good kennel

  3. Hi friends,
    I paid Rs.34000/- for a Bichon Frisse puppy in 2012 to Naresh of Verma kennal.
    After several excuses he sent a Shitzu puppy..
    When I protested, he sent another puppy whose breed I don’t know. Off course no papers were received. Only a morphed KCI certificate was sent by email. Had experienced the same excuses as other people who have complained online. Have also experienced the same problems others have written about contacting this fraud on telephone after paying the money.
    This is an online fraud and please be aware of Verma kennel. Someone in Delhi Please report this guy to the police..