VGN – Bad developers

I booked level in their new venture VGN Promoters, at Warje Highway in Pune at Dec, 2011 without doing any exploration about this manufacturer cum cutting edge criminal notoriety. I was inspired by the area and their old venture VGN Promoters, at Warje Highway in Pune. At the season of booking they let me know ownership will be given around Diwali 2012. They deferred level ownership by over 1 year from guaranteed time. At the season of booking more than 90% development was finished which looks is their fundamental course of action, to get greatest installment and after that defer complete development and ownership by years together. The example level they demonstrated to me was made with great quality material however when your level gets finished, it will have such a terrible development and low quality that you would never need to live there. Regardless of the fact that you gripe them, their reaction will be you can either take the level or we can scratch off the understanding as their are numerous urgent purchasers in the business sector. Some legit on location engineers let me know that they purchase low quality and rejected materials from merchants who are all relatives for this promoter to expand benefit and are minimum worried with their image pessimism and client grievances. Presently comes the level ownership part which happened for me in Dec 2013, at this point with so much defer and dismal undertakings of development, you will be totally disappointed and urgent additionally to get the level in the event that you are remaining focused. Presently their technique will be to demonstrat to you a few unimportant/counter-intuitive installment postpone and approach you for hobby and unless you pay that they won’t give you level ownership. Nothing is given in composing or any interest letter for this and they expect the installment likewise for this enthusiasm for money! Likewise the greater part of the things such as clubhouse and auto stopping and arranging is as yet being at 20% of development stage yet you are as of now charged support for the same and on the off chance that you deny reason is same you either pay or we can scratch off the assention. Such is the egotism and certainty this manufacturer has that they will begin make you understand that you have sat tight for so yearn for your own particular level and now why would you like to waste your more cash and time by postponing the installment of premium part which is funny on the grounds that you are not going to pay enthusiasm according to any rationale as the vast majority of the lower white collar class salaried family will take all the lawful course to make your own particular installment and rest get it endorsed from bank at suitable time. This interest part is never advised to you, never specified either verbally and in messages to you from the day 1. This is in basic dialect called extorting and robbery, so on the off chance that you are willing to experience this then book a level with VGN Promoters, at Warje Highway in Pune. Lamentably I did research for this developer in the wake of confronting such a large number of hardships and injury then I understood that whoever has taken level in any task from this manufacturer they all have confronted same issues and some even had recorded legitimate arguments against them. I trust now they have a few associations with some degenerate authorities as a result of which they are still in business and have not been influenced much. It would be ideal if you talk with in any event with 10 families before booking pads with this developer.

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