Victory Biz Solution Pvt. Ltd. — Airport Jobs

This company gives advertisement in local papers by number 8286141178, 8286100728, 8286141168, 8286141328. They claim to give jobs in airport on behalf of airport authorities. They charge Rs. 200/- for registration, Rs. 1500/- for verification and than they ask Rs.30, 000/- as deposit for one year. There is no verification method or how they do verification. They are situated near station opposite BMC market

They call for interview at Andheri. They have a call centre and they don’t talk on phone ask to come to andheri for anything

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  1. hii 11700 Rs there but he give only time now 1 year but no give job and no refund my money ,there is all person and employee are cheater and not received my no details 8286141823,9699444733,8286141801,this number is off i’m trying to call but no answering the my call.

  2. Dear sir, / Madam.
    My name Nagaraj .Baburao.
    My accuption ” Painte ( Roller & Brush )
    Sir, your office Qatar Air port job salection . Rs. 200/- + 1500/- paid.
    I am more times calling your office if call is such off coming. Please receiw my call . I long time waiting your office job. reply kindly.


    Date : 03-12-2016

    Dear sir, / Madam.
    My Mame is Nagaraj . Baburao.
    My profile , Painter ( Rolle & Brush ) have . Qatar Air Port job Salection your office me Profile job. interview, on : 09-11-2016. fee paid Rs. 200 / – and
    My Documents submit, on : 11-11-2016. fee paid Rs . 1500/- but
    I stay in my native plece karnataka in Gulbarga . i am your office calling if call Helf Number is Not Recevieng such off. and one again I calling waman sir. on : 24-11-2016. and waman sir. Toldhng me . tomorrow I call you . your Medical of issued . but call is Not coming . and your office my accupatin job shore have kindly sent Qatar Air Port my job. and job not have my Refound money 1700/- I am goving ather contry.

    Thank you

  4. I paid 26700Rs there but he give only time now total 7 month but no give job and no refund my money. There is all person and emply cheater.

  5. i am telling, someone should go with the police and verify first whether they have get us a job or not, and then proceed.

      1. I have paid 200 and 1500 and den dey asked me to pay 20000 which I paid and dey also made me sign an agreement of which d nottary is not yet done. And since I had exams dey told DAT dey vl send me for the PI in December but now their numbers are coming switched off. And I had gone last sat to see so their office was closed. iI asked sm1 so dey said DAT they hvvsome fly problem so it is closed for sm days. Since a week their numbers r coming as switched off. My parents v cm in tension now. We vlwait till Monday and if it doesnt open den v vl complain

    1. Hi, Saeem here. I paid 30000/- for post of FIRE AND SAFETY OFFICER on March 2016.. and I am still waiting for the ‘FINAL CALL’… My contact number is +917709479475..

      1. Saeem what they saying now? If they doesn’t tell you about anything then we all have to make a unity of our all candidates how paid them money.

  6. Vahishta Shroff

    i have already paid 200 and 1500 to them need to confirm if its liable to go for the job. recently got a call for the job and thay have asked me to deposit Rs.40,000 confirming that i have got the Job on International Airport with some International Airlines. please can someone confirm if this is really a scam.

    1. hello i am Gaurav,
      have you got job after paying 40,000rs ? what they said after payment and when to come after payment