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Reported By: Irene Trifyllis

Contact information:
Visa credit card cancellation request

My name is Irene Trifyllis. On 26/9/2017 I attended your branch at Abu Dhabi Mall where a bank representative processed my request for the final payout and closure of my Visa credit card No. [protected]. The Card Cancellation Request No. 11653288 was initiated and sent to my mobile immediately as per my request. The Bank representative then contacted ABDC Visa Section and obtained a final payout figure. The payout figure was 55, 601.00 AED. I paid the 55, 601.00 immediately on the 26/09/2017 and was informed that the card cancellation section would call me within the next 18 days to verify the cancellation of the card.

On or about the 3/10/2017 I received a call from the Credit Card section who verified the request for visa cancellation and closure of the account.

Today, 18/10/2017 I received an SMS requesting a minimum payment of 53.97AED before 09/11/2017 (in order to prevent additional financial charges being charged) for the credit card that has been fully paid out and cancelled.
I completely settled the card payments and closed the account because I have left the UAE permanently.

SO WHAT IS GOING ON??? As far as I am concerned there are no other payments due!!!.

Kindly response to this complaint by email: [email protected].
Please note that I do not have phone access.

As a customer with your bank for 10 years I have been very happy with the service – at the moment however I am very upset and concerned at this matter arising unnecessarily, especially since I did everything to ensure all payments are made and that correct closure procedures are executed.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards
Irene Trifyllis
Ex-Platinum Card Holder

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