Visas Simply – fraud organization

Visas Simply is a fraud organization. The marketing agent Neeraj Kumar in New Delhi office is a complete cheat.

Neeraj Kumar sent an email saying that he will inform Australian Immigration department and I will never get Visa for Australia

Please give me your email address if any one need proofs. I have paid him the entire fees and still he is asking for next installment. When I asked for bill, he would keep silent for 15 days. Again after 15 days he sends me a threatening email and asks for more money. I was about to give a complain to Police and Consumer court but I didn’t get much time.

I can show proof that repeatedly I sent emails asking for payment receipts to Neeraj Kumar, and Indrani Saha. Legal authorities should ask Visas Simply and specially Neeraj Kumar to show proof that they replied me back with receipts before sending me threatening emails. I have saved all the emails as proof for any legal proceedings.

The moment you see a call from Visas Simply in you mobile, its sure that they want money. When you call back Neeraj, he never responds to calls. He never responds to emails. He just want money.

If Neeraj Kumar is in Visas Simply, then Visas Simply will be looked as a Fraud Company.

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  1. Varun Hemanth

    Hi Satya,

    My name is Varun. I have lost Rs. 5.5 lacs because Visas Simply cheated me! I’m going to take legal action. My lawyer tells me that it’s better we all file cases together. If you want justice contact me with your number on