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Reported By: sahshweta

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Vision Bpo Services

Today one lady call me regarding part time job in data entry field and asked me for my id proof so that she can generate a agreement (Which is totally fake), she generated an agreement paper which looks like a original stamp paper (But you can find how fake it is if you have a knowledge of law or related things).
So she generated this and sent userid and passsword which takes you to a platform where you have to do the data entry work and that is created by them to make you fool.
And that work is totally foolish. She told me you have to do 2000 entries in 10 days for which you will get 20, 000 from that we will deduct 4, 300 as our maintenance. And you will only get paid if you give 90% accuracy in filling that entries and if you fail to do so you have to pay us 4, 3000. No matter how efficiently you do the work they will show you that you failed to achieve the accuracy and ask to pay them 4, 300 and if you will not pay they will put legal case against you. All these case thing is totally fake they cannot file complaint against you because they are fraud. All they will do is threating you so that you pay them money. All they are doing is making gullible people fool.
You have to be strong here and face them and say them that you will file against them if they don’t stop threating you.

Please read all the details about the company before going for a job, read their reviews and don’t make mistake just like i did.

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