vkjobsolution.com – Geniune or not ?

today i got email :

Greeting from www.vkjobsolution.com

Currently we are hiring and searching home based workers for online jobs available with us.
Please reach us if you are interested to take the job from us.

so, i want to know wheather they are genuine or not ?
As i am think to join them.


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  1. This is fraud website.
    If It will be genuine website At least A Name of person must be included into about page of this website.
    Emails we got didn’t included any person name or other details.
    Why this website need to hide it’s ownership under protected domain name.
    It has not even mentioned Phone Number on it’s website.

    I am 100% sure It’s a fraud website.

  2. Me too got the same mail a couple of days back.
    Well i am not sure about its genuineness,
    but you can register for the job and make sure you dont divulge important details regarding yourself
    that can be used for certain illegal things