VVR Housing Pvt. Ltd. – VVR – SAHAMSABAD AIRPORT GARDENS Situated at Sangem Village, Keshampet Mandal, Mahboobnagar District, Near J. P Dargah Road. Registered at Shadnagar Sub – Registrar.

Reported By: Jekkula Harinadham

Contact information:
VVR Housing Pvt. Ltd. HYDERABAD

I am Harinadham, I have purchased 200 Sq. Yds. land (Open Plot) with Plot Number: 995, in Survey Numbers: 108/1, 108/2, 109, 109/A, 109/AA & 110, in year 2009, from M/s. VVR Housing Pvt. Ltd. in SAHAMSHABAD AIRPORT GARDEN SITUATED AT SANGEM (VILLAGE & GRAM PANCHAYAT), KESHAMPET (MANDAL), MAHABUBNAGAR (DISTRICT), Registered at Shadnagar Sub-Registrar, the firm M/s. VVR Housing Pvt. Ltd is represented by Managing Director Mr. Vaka Vasudeva Rao S/o Late Vaka Ranga Rao, whose DOB is 08/09/1969 and PAN is ABMPV2086J (As per his provided records).
I feel Cheated and Deceived by the company and its MD, because as per his broacher they promised Roads, Drainage, Electricity, Water, Security, Park…. but now it is like Jungle.
Don`t know where to go? As his office is now not there.
I have seen complaints of cheating by this firm in all of their projects.
Let`s join together and fight.


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