– Refund of my money

Reported By: Carmi

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I would like to complain about i invested in, i invested them amount of 34thousand pesos and the one that i message to the telegram told me that if i finished my task i could widthraw all my money.. but it never happen and i cannot withdraw it.. actually including my comission they are not giving it.. could someone help me refund my money


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  1. Same as me i put money on that walmart almost 60k to finish only 10 task but in the time i withdraw it say that account abnormal transaction failed Please pay 35k to activate what is that. So that i plan to report this to cybercrime to be able to stop i hope this is a lesson to us there are no easy money

  2. Same as you Mam now i dont know what to do but i think to comply to cyber crime police to stop this kind of investment or gambling because its deal with. Its also my fault to invest this kind of sight its starting from 500 to 2k and then to 50k of capital. Now i was thinking and ask myself what i supposed to do that money that i put to them is so very high now i cant withdraw that money because they demand again for activation worth of 50k the total of my money is 99k plus commission i also finish 10 task but now i cannot withdraw i am from valenzuela City i hope u read this i want to report this to mr Raffy tulfo i hope u can join me hansel castor is my name u can add me or message me from messenger

  3. My 640000 INR stuck in walmart88 trading app. Now they demanding 100000 commission to release 13000 USDT. Rykabalan on TG and my money was gotten for me . They also guide me to invest with a good company .

  4. yah manch ek ghotaala hai. mera 134400 yooesadeetee nikaasee nahin hai. mera 6040000 rupaye atak gaya. unhonne 135000 yooesadeetee jaaree karane ke lie 150000 kar maanga jo poora dikha lekin unase koee paisa nahin mila phir mainne dhanavaapasee kee maang kee aur mujhe mil gaya. bas ek eemel bhejen. main aapako bataoonga ki kisase sampark karana hai