– Recharge keeps on rising to be able to withdraw

Reported By: Raphael Aspa

Contact information: CITY OF DASMARI√ĎAS

At first, I tried this site to have an extra income, at first, i deposited 100, turns out to be okay, then i upgraded to what they called vip2, they say 500 only to qualify, then when i am already there, every things change, need to recharge everytime, so, for me to be able to get my money back, i did what they asked me, recharge and recharge until i can not afford it, i asked them to help me out and told me there’s nothing they can do to help me out. They told me to borrow from friends but i don’t want to because i am not sure if they are telling the truth, i have bills to pay, mouths to feed, house to rent, please help me out. All i want is to have an extra income that’s why I tried that but to my surprise, that scene happened and all the agent can say to me is to recharge to get my money back. Please, I’m begging you to help me get back my money. Honestly, my wife does not know about this yet, I know that the time she knew, she will be furious with me and might brought my family apart. They say that i will have an extra income but what happened is i get an extra burden.

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