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I was scrolling when I saw this Advertisement from t
The Facebook Page Shiniu 3 then I was passed to name Luna ( 09667826034) then passed again to Lea Arnaiz (09164789606) at Whats App that looking for a part time job. You make your own Commission. At first I sent 500 to start the job . They gave me 20 task to do before I can get my Commission. But i was shocked that when I am doing the task it requires me to send again 259 to continue . After that 1069 pesos and then 4,916 another one is 12729 . I am at my last task But before i can finish the task I am require to send 34,000 . I am asking for my money but they insist to finish the task. They are insisting that I need to send the 34000 pesos before i can withdraw all my money . But As I am searching I’ve read that lot of people was also scammed by this company .. Please Help Us Bring Back Our Money . Please Please Please I have sent 19,473 just today December 3, 2022 . Pls Help Me

How to file a complaint against WALMARTINC TASK PLATFORM?

* Go to page
* Write WALMARTINC TASK PLATFORM in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from WALMARTINC TASK PLATFORM.

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