– Cannot Withdraw, Need to Pay 55k pesos

Reported By: MacMac Chavez

Contact information:
https:// Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines

They said it was an online job that you make commissions if you take the order and finish the tasks. In grabbing orders you need to have the same amount on your account balance to the amount of the orders. I have reached VIP3 which costs 2000 pesos and finish 30 tasks. That spend me 100k pesos through recharge in Gcash payment channel and now I cannot withdraw my account balance in the website because I need to pay personal income tax 30% which is 55k pesos and I cannot afford it because I already have spend all my money. +639668547139 that is Jennifer on Telegram who is my professional tutor.
Please help me out to withdraw my account balance. Just please deduct the tax from my account balance. Help me please.

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    1. Jennifer Glova

      Thank you dear company will refund me today they contacted me hope i get it too . Thankyou 🙏🏻

          1. Yes we are and same amount was invested. Did you contact someone who can help sir? I am very desperate already. I really need help too just like you.

        1. Hi Jennifer, can you help us how to get our refund? Please share what did you do and to whom did you ask for help.
          Please, we also need our money back, just like yours.🙏🙏🙏

    2. Hi Nova, I am in great distressed as well regarding the this. I was also asked to pay 55k for the tax at wala na akong perang maibabayad. Mayroon kabang same.experience? Nahihirapan na.ako kung pano ma refund yung malaking pera na na invest ko

      1. Hi Ma’am, magkano lahat na invest mo? Isang malaking scam po talaga ito. Marami tayong nabiktima. Ano po kaya dapat nating gawin? Kasi wala magagawa ang tunay na Walmart dito. Email niyo po ako para connect tayo.

  1. Hi, were you able to get your money back? I have same situation as you. I invested 48k and i need a refund. What should we do now? Please reply we need to join force here.