WeBull Investment Advisory Co.,Ltd – Refuse to withdraw my money

Reported By: Kiran Kumar

Contact information:
WeBull Investment Advisory Co Ltd 01-08, 29 / F, 1 Garden Road, Central, Western, Hong Kong
https:// www.us-webull.top/

One month back my number was added in whatsapp group called “BTC investment-trade 30” , in that group there are around 60 members trading twice a day and posting screenshot of their earnings, i got intrest and they allotted a assistant her name is Sarah, she told me that i have to install two apps, one is Binance (to buy or sell crypto) and another app is ACST (she told that this app is for trading)
intially i started with 100$ my investment reached 145$ and she said that if you want to withdraw money there will be 25$ fee, and any time you can withdraw your earnings, so i want to check the process, that time my withdraw successful, i started believe them and invested 5000 USDT, after trading i lost 4000 USDT , iam worried , assistant told me that i will arrange a analyst (prathik jeck) he will give you guidance, after that i recovered from my losses, and assistant told me that don’t withdraw money now, there will be a new plan launching after 5 days , if you invest 10000 USDT you will be eligible,so i added another 6000 USDT and trade with the analyst instructions and my overall amount reached 159000 USDT after that i try to withdraw my money but failed, i asked assistant and she told that after pay the commission 30% i,e 43406 USDT
(around 38 lakhs) within 5 days of time , after that you can withdraw your money , if iam unable to pay the commission within 5 days, that company will put me in Blocklist, that means i lost my investment amount(15024 USDT) also , i lost all my earnings (5lakhs), gold loan (2 lakhs), bank loan (6lakhs) , please help me to get back my money

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  1. Oh my god Kiran I also invested to much amount this company please give me your contact number we will go with legal against this company.