Western Union Financial Services – I tried to do a transfer to lebanon and they blocked me for no reason

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Reported By: dinaelali

Contact information:
Western Union Financial Services
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Dear Sirs,

I have been dealing with western union with ages. Last time I was trying to send money to help in my mom’s surgery and expenses to my dad and I was blocked with no specified reason. GRM17091353515079.

I strongly believe there is a mistake and I am asking for a proper investigation and justification to be provided. My mobile number is provided by Etisalat ( our telephone operatior here) and was used by another person named Dina Samman and many others before her.

I am Palestinian in origin am and still is a resident of UAE and a canadian citizenship with no political affiliations what so ever.

I find it very insulting to stop a service with no valid reason and whilst the country here and government here and around them world are aware of my good standing.

Appreciate the investigate and clear reply.

Thank you 00971506226558
my previous mobile number is 00971504563778

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