Willora.com – order 3 kurtis set after reviewing return policy cancel product same day but they didn’t cancel and still dispatched it

Reported By: Mitalika Zade

Contact information:
Pune Metropolitan Area,

I have ordered a 3 piece combo of Kurtis and I read their return policy which I don’t agree and on the same day before dispatch immediately I cancelled the product I sent the request to cancel it 4 times they show request already submitted. Ordered date and cancel date: 13/04/2019. Now on 15/04/2019 I received the message that they dispatched the order. What a crap. When I already cancelled it then y they dispatched it. I want this to be cancelled it anyway. I even dropped the mail but they didn’t responding. They are fraud and just want money from innocent people. Facebook need to block such fake sites.

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