WISDOM IMMIGRATION AND VISA CONSULTANTS LTD – got new name – Ratnesh Immigration –

Now he got new name and number. “Ratnesh Immigration” his name Ratnesh Desai his mobile number is 08101601153.

I talked to him yesterday (23rd July 2014)


19 thoughts on “WISDOM IMMIGRATION AND VISA CONSULTANTS LTD – got new name – Ratnesh Immigration –”

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  1. i apology to all about my comments ..actually i deeply investigate the company and recruiter and found that everything is genuene ..so guys plz dont mind…actually i was afraid for my money…but now i can say i am relax…

    1. Mr.Anil

      How investigate about the agency and company.
      I want to know about that because what situation of faced the same I am facing

      Kindly reply for my quary

  2. Hi all,
    Please don’t believe to any one and don’t give money they are all are fake if any one give them money so plz contact to cyber crime cell or lodge a complain against them in police station so that you can get your hard earning money and passport as well I always give my post to help you guys in different sites I want to assure you that Cyprus government is not issuing any type of work permit now because of financial crises there.

  3. madhu plz contact me ..i got offer leter from ratnesh from a company in cyprus i havent gave me work permit just only work permit no. and i am sure that the offer leter and cyprus company both are fake…please contact me…9939693891

  4. madhu please contact me i have got offer letter from this ratnesh and i think that the offer letter and company is totally fake…actually i am sure that the offer leter and company is fake ….please contact me…my no. 9939693891

  5. Are anyone going to Cyprus, if any person got work permit from Ratnesh Immigration RITT TRAVELBUKS just contact with me immediately. I can help u in your case.

    1. We just applying visa for cyprus from ratnesh immigiration soo is it fake or real please let us know on my number 09896980812 plesae inform us immideatly

  6. Hi Janvi,

    My question is to you as well which i asked to raj.
    because i also received offer later to them and now they ask me processing fee. pls reply.

  7. Dear Mr. Gautam,

    I am Sure you have mistaken us for someone else. Its very had in this line of business to keep the mud and dirt away. So please don’t spoil our image and goodwill.

    We all understand if you have been wronged by the company you mention, but it gives you no right to label an all together different one.

    We are based in Kolkata, We are in Business since 2010. And you are most welcome to come and visit us to see if you have any doubt. Call us +91 9681505652

    Please Don’t post things which you are not sure off and don’t act on impulse pr whim.

    We take our privacy and brand image very seriously.


    1. Dear Ratnesh desai,

      Now a days there are lots of fake agents are there around the country,.they provide everything fake,
      So I didn’t mean to say you are fake but how will you make understand people that you are genuiine agent in kolkata,

      Can you please explain this,

      Thank you

  8. We are a Company Driven by values, Based out of Kolkata. Been working since the last 14 Years.

    Please Don’t Post falsified data online.

    We take our brand and goodwill very seriously and will take action against misguided information.

    For any issues please contact [email protected]