I have been doing some serious job hunting in UAE and have used few legit and well knows agencies to help me get a job, I did a lot of research on Recruitin Agencies and the 1st thing I have learned is to NEVER PAY MONEY, none of the agencies I have used has ever asked me for money, until the day I registered with Wisdom Jobs, I registeted on Frriday evening by Saturday morning, I got a call from some guy I forgot his name, I was at the hair salon by the time, I was shocked because recruiting company would never call me on Saturday because they know Saturday is weekend in South Africa, this guy was stupid enough to call me on a Saturday and this was the 1st sign that something was up, since I wasat the salon I asked him to call me 2hrs later, LOL, he did, he asked me only one or 2 professional questions and he went straight to telling how to forward me money, I am not stupid, I have been job searching for a job in UAE and I have done my research, I cannot sent money half across the world to get a job, I am not dedperate to pay R1,500 to get a job. AND AFTER READING THIS REVIEWS I AM GLAD I DID NOT SEND MY MONEY, NEVET EVER SENT MONEY TO A RECRUITMENT AGENCY, LOOK FOR A LEGIT AGENCY AND BE PATIENT TO GET A JOB



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