Wisdomjobsgulf.com – big cheater, be aware

wisdomjobsgulf is big cheater be aware and do not pay them

They have cheated me USD 250 for nothing

They told me there is a guaranteed job for you and you will be placed within Two Weeks after they received the USD 250 they even cancelled my account from their fake website which means nothing just it wastes time they are really big cheaters

I have all the evidences and even I have recorded telephone conversations with them.

Specially from some one his name is Rajendra

Here their telephone numbers:


+ 914066282234

+ 914066282211

Asim Fageary

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  1. thank you Asim for your warning
    he contacted ( phone number +91 40 3342 2018) me also asking for 250USD as cv activation fees,

  2. Hi , i recieved call from wisdomjobsgulf.com and they sent to me this email

    Dear Marwan,

    It was really nice speaking with you.
    With regards to our phone conversation, It was my pleasure to inform you that there are currently positions available matching up with your CV, and your CV has been shortlisted by the top leading companies, we would like to immediately pipeline your CV to get direct interview calls with all your approval.
    Hereby I am confirming that you will be provided with potential interviews shortly, and you will be extremely delighted with the kind of opportunities you are going to receive once you activate our service of resume forwarding(400$). Just waiting for your approval to go ahead and forward your CV to the clients, kindly do the needful ASAP.
    Awaiting for your reply….

    Warm Regards,
    Shaik Rihana
    Senior Career Service Advisor – Middle East
    Direct Dial: +91 -40 – 66282213
    [email protected]