wittycart – return & refund

Reported By: samiulla

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wittycart mysore

we received the product on 08.03.19 , evening near to 5.45pm ,we are not satisfied with the product …. its very low quality material & its not for the value… please contact us soon we want to return the product its very low class product , please take return & refund us & to collect the product contact us on 9845293378, when you don’t have help line no & no instruction how to return the product than how can we return in 3days

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  1. I want to return my product TOMORROW POSITIVELY
    PLEASE CALL us for god’s sake
    Contact on this email
    shipment# WC77015

  2. Today I got a wrong product….and also not working the product…..please contact me at 7002342881 and collect the product……..I want to return it……please help me sir…..please

    And I want to know your customer number….

  3. I want refund….because I got a wrong product and not working product I want refund……quickly

    Contact me 7002342881

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