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Reported By: Bhagath madhu

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Work Solution

I was looking for a part-time job, then I found a company named Work solution, my job was to fill out the form, and they said that there is a registration fee (5100 RS) that would be deducted from my 1st salary.

The salary was based on the form I fill. 1 form is 30rs like that I should do 800rs, this was the information they told me I said OK, so they asked me to send my photo, signature & and adhar . I have sent those.

The next day I got a mail which was their terms & conditions. I didn’t notice that time. They sent me the works I couldn’t complete 800 forms I complete, while in that week I asked many doubt to clear in the helpline number they provided, they were not responding, I have summited those work.

I have done it was not uploading and found error I then call no response. Later on, that weekend they called I couldn’t answer because I was in class they messaged me to pick up the call “you have not completed the work on time, you have to pay the penalty amount of (Rs 8900) or else I have to submit a case petition in the court against you.”

After the class, I called them back, and they picked up the phone shouting at me for not picking up the phone and told me to pay the penalty before 6:00 pm or else they will submit it to the court, I was so worried and got afraid and I asked the time they said NO. So I borrowed and signed the money for my friends and I sent it to them before 6:00 pm.

After that they asked me to cancel or continue with the company, I said I want to cancel they replied “if you want to cancel this agreement then you have to pay 30600/- and if you want continue this work then you have to pay for the security deposit amount 35000/- this amount will be refundable with your salary if you achieve the 90% accuracy and you can complete any one process today before 07:00pm.

Note: if you pay after 07:00pm then your amount will be not going to accept.”

I couldn’t give them the money, it was yesterday I called them a lot 1st they didn’t pick up the phone then they turned off the phone. I am so afraid of what should I do.

They also told me that it is a government company if I failed to pay then I can’t apply for a government job in the future. what will I do I’m afraid that will they ask for more money.

Someone plz help me.


How to file a complaint against Work Solution?

* Go to page
* Write Work Solution in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Work Solution.

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