WVP International – never go with them

Reported By: Murugan1924

Contact information:
WVP International New Delhi

I was looking for the jobs in canada, , they took my contact no from nauri.com and called me that we provides jobs in canada are you interested i said yes i am looking for the job in canada.
Then Mansi said that its it will be very easy for you to get the job and at that time she explained me every details that what are the steps i need to follow and then she asked for the pre-assessment fees that was 2500. I paid 2500 rupees and i asked her 2 or 4 time that after this do i need to pay any other amount she repeatedly said no this 2500 is our only amount that we take nothing else you have to pay except 2500/-
Then i waited for 2 working days as she told me that you will get pre assessment report in 2 working days, i called him after 2 days she said your report is not yet out i will let you now when i will get that. I got my pre assessment report after 2 days as i was continuously calling them for the report and she told me to pay 70, 800 i was really shock, she said once u paid 70, 800 then we will schedule interview and sent me the jd for the job. But i said you have told earlier that after 2500/- i don’t have to pay anything, she said yes but now there is changes in our services so i can’t do anything you have to pay 70800/- then only i can proceed further and arrange job interviews.they are changing each and every mints, they are liar

It is completely fraud earlier you are saying something and then you are saying that there are changes in our services.

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