WVP International – took money

Reported By: SravaniRao

Contact information:
WVP International

Wvp services, urvashi took 5100 fee for visa process to canada and australia. After that there was no single communication from her. She does not respond to messages or calls. It’s been 5 months that i have paid to this consultancy. When asked for refund, they said if the assessment is positive they will not refund the money.. I called them and checked for her. But some other female komal called and said they will talk to her but there was no information from her as well. This is a fraud consultancy. They are giving positive feedback or score to everyone so that they don’t have to return the money. They are not even bother you get back to explain why they are unable to arrange any interview as well. They said it’s their responsibility to find a job in 6 months. But now after taking money, they are least bothered

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