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Sir, My name is Dilipkumar Vora and got registered for a job on 30 Oct 2013 vide Order No.133860 with M/s. CV Naukri Pvt Ltd based at Noida. I was told that the fees is Rs.1600/- But during online payment I was made to pay as follows.stating that it will be remitted back to my credit card account Excess payment made is a follows: Rs. 2500 Rs.22480.50 Rs.24599 On my inquring about refund of the above excess paid amount, the company says the as per company policy, the above amount will be returned tome only when and if they get me the job and I join the job. This was not in formed to me. This is a clear cut case of cheating. I must get the above stated excess payment back immediately.I hope you are not working to favour the company. I am sure you would help me get the aforesaid amount and would not let me complain to Registrar of Companies (ROC) with regards Dilipkumar M Vora 9825766282

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  1. hello friends,
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    I am very happy with the services of cvnaukri.com…. But there are lots of persons who are posting wrong complaints about this company.
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  3. I think geting a good job is not easy task. cvnaukri.com only helps the job seekers for providing

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  4. hey guys, I am the client of this company having a good experience about this company. This is not a fraud company. I also follow their services. I am satisfied with cvnaukri.com.
    They wish to provide you with prompt suggestions keeping in mind the typical knowledge and core competencies (skills and abilities) required for the job and give you the sample interview questions and tricks to crack them.