ZET Technology – Blackmailing to pay money

Reported By: Punit sharma

Contact information:
ZET Technology Vapi gujarat

I got a call from zet technology .they offered me a part time work from home job of captcha writing.they didn’t. Knew even then they resistred my name on a fraud stamp.they told me to have 90% accuracy …but I didn’t worked with them.i said that I don’t want to work with you..but now after 1 month they are calling me and. Asking me for money…they are trying to blackmail me in the name of. Legal notice.,NOC, police, advocate etc
They are calling me from various different numbers and threatening me to pay money….they are fraudulent who are trying to make people fool and misusing our law, Constitution. …when I got a call I doubted and I started searching about this..then I got to know that zet is a e car company which belongs to poland ..no branch in india nothing else…this is a gang who is playing a game with innocent people…don’t pay any money to them these are frauds.


How to file a complaint against ZET Technology?

* Go to page
* Write ZET Technology in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from ZET Technology.

2 thoughts on “ZET Technology – Blackmailing to pay money”

  1. Pravallika Chitikala

    I also got a call from from zet technology company to pay money what I have to do sir please is they really put case on me real or not

  2. Ignore them, don’t receive any calls, if they send msg or e mail don’t reply them just ignore, I’m also trapped in this fraud but I ignore them now they are not calling me.

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