ZET TECHNOLOGY – captcha typing

Reported By: Rafeeda Raof

Contact information:

Frequent blackmailing and making me to pay more and more. I have already paide about 1 lakh within 3_4 hours and they are asking more and more. One person is calling me frequently asking to pay within 10 minutes 20 minutes etc. And a fake advocate is texting me to show the payment proofs

How to file a complaint against ZET TECHNOLOGY?

* Go to page
* Write ZET TECHNOLOGY in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from ZET TECHNOLOGY.

3 thoughts on “ZET TECHNOLOGY – captcha typing”

  1. Zet technology company have to blackmailing me
    For cancel the agreement and I said I have don’t. Do the work with your company and they said give me 9000 for the cancellation of the agreement

  2. Sir I’m also in same problem they are threatening me, they said ur future will be tottaly spoiled and u will be meet in the court that person said like thus please save me from this threaten sep 5 2020

  3. My self pallavi Jawalkar I have searching work form home. So the call for mi zet technology employee said the work for 10000 captcha 10 days complete other vise paid for 6700 I said ok done work starting for one sign agreement but I have not complet the work.so I have provide mi a notice a advocate associated.
    You pay for registration charge 6700 I done pay for 6700 but he said for more Amt paid for cancellation agreement was 12000/- he was fourd company collect money for employees.
    So don’t panic for mail sms and call.

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