Zodiac Group Consultancy – fraud don’t trust

Dear all,

This guy dinakara prasad is creating own email and saying that he got it from client without getting the permission from them he’s processing. If we enquire them they are saying he just gave a request but we didn’t provide any authorisation recently he’s using more members in different name and saying that he’s processing it for backdoor please dont belive that guy whose name is dinakara prasad… please please

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  1. Fraudulent consultancy – zodiac group chennai recruitment villivakkam
    Dear Customer,

    It’s a fraudlent consultancy the guy name is dinakara prasd he’s just mailing the candidates, without getting any authorisation from any of our profile just getting details and just keep on asking money if not just threating and using abusive language most of close friend had lost lot of money because of this guy….

  2. Getting money from candidates and not processing – Zodiac Group chennai recruitment services

    Dear Customer,

    Please don’t trust a person whose name is dinakara prasad who’s having consutancy in chennai. Just calling the candidates for job placement
    He’s simply getting money from candiates just 1000, 2000, and even more money and putting the candidates name and their profile and getting money. cheated me morethan 25000 and saying that he’s doing backdoor and he’s not doing it. if we ask anything he’s threatning that he will display our name in web so please don’t trust that guy..