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Reported By: Hemakshi jakharia

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Zoyokart Delhi

I have ordered a matt pencil lipsticks from zoyokart instead of the matt pencil lipsticks I have received huda beauty liquid lipstick please help me to get the right product or return my money back

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  1. I have ordered a matte pencil lipstick 12 shades from zoyokart, but I got huda beauty liquid lipstick instead of pencils matte lipstick and the shades of the 12 huda liquid lipstick are the same. I am very dissapointed by zoyokart. Please suggest how to get the right product or my money back and also let you know that I have payed online. Please help what to do?

  2. I have faced the same problem . These people are fraud. They have delivered same shades of Huda beauty liquid lipstick. Don’t ever try nd go with zoyokart. Get us the right product or else refund the money.

  3. Poorvarti kardile

    Very bad,you break our trust i ordered matte lipstick and i got something else kind of lipstick,very bad experience

  4. I also got wrong product even i orded pencil matte lipstick but they give me huda beauty Lipstick.Please give me back my money am very disappointed by this company.

  5. Madhusmita Barik

    I ordered pencil matte lipstick but instead I got Huda matte liquid lipstick please exchange it or return my money

  6. Milone Mukherjee

    Same problem here! Just now I received liquid ones instead of lip pencils! Seems a 420 company, cheaters,frauds

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