100bestbuy.com – Big fraud going on in www.100bestbuy.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to bring to your notice there is online website www.100bestbuy.com

This site is doing plain fraud and cheating to customers. The website promise to give items on the basis of lucky draw to winners. It also promise that non winners will have money as credit points in their account for which they can shop from their website. (The money which you pay for participating in contest)

I must tell you all that company never announce any winners and don’t disclose any result. And when you try to use your money (which is there as credit points) the site don’t allow to use 100% of it. Say if you have Rs 5000 as credit points and you select any product worth Rs 5000 for shopping then you will be able to use Rs. 1250 only from credit points and remaining 3750 you will have to pay through payment from debit or credit card.

Never trust this site

There are lot of people who got cheated by the website.kindly do the needful to nab this culprits before it becomes a big scam.

Please read long list of negative reviews of website www.100bestbuy.com
by searching about it on Google, numerous complaint websites have complaints listed against this online shopping portal.

Kindly do the needful to nab this culprits,its seems to be a big fraud and scam running around bangalore city.

One if the sales man of this fraud website is using the mobile number 7813001108.

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