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Reported By: Adebayo Abolanle

Contact information:
Abolanle Don’t know
https:/ pap200.com/index/user/register/invite -code/D73JA5.html

I saw a post on Facebook so I chatted with one of their staff she asked me to register on this website shopmww.com of which i did I registered and am asked to make recharge of #1000 of which i did to fugabee global concept and I was credited #1900 she asked me to if I would continue I said yes and she directed to an instructor which she asked me to chat with on Twitter she bears sinar 00 on Twitter I chatted with her she asked me to recharge #2500 if I want more orders I did through the another account number they gave me to providus bank on the 5th of march 2022 I tried to withdraw after the other I was told I have to recharge my account to complete my other I told her and she said I have to and I asked hope I won’t recharge another she said no Iade another recharge to fugabee global concept #6000 on 7th march 2022 I continue the task and am asked to pay another 15000 which i said I can’t then I requested that they should return my money the refused now they stop chatting me I need my money back.


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