Aditya birla group – Harrasment by senior employee and illegal termination of my job

This is in continuation of my previous complaint against my HR head senior Mr AK Pati,who has tourched me and harrased whole of my family by his inhuman politics which resulted in termination of my job. Earlier I wrote the whole scenario as what he did and how much he harrased me to show his brilliance in political views. Aditya birla group is so known gor employee caring purpose but in my case even the top most management didnt show any concern,because this group only serve the top cadre employees and there is no value for junior staff members. My voice was full of truth so Mr Pati made my life miserable. Even my unit’s MD wasnt concerned about my plea for justice. My family is facing uttermost disaster of life and Mr Pati is rubbing salts to our wounds. Is there any law in this country which can withstand me and can give justice to me. I am helpless and completely broken and I feel like dying everyday as I cant see my parents in such distress. Please help me and save my family.I handfoldedly request the law of this country to set an example against the brutality of such organizations.

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