Aditya birla group – Harrasment by senior employee and termination of my job.

I was working with one of coal mining unit, BCML, of adityabirla group. Since my first day I my reporting manager Mr AK Pati, started giving me troubles and harrasing me. I was new to that place Talcher,orissa ans mjority of co-employees were from that place only. Mr Pati never allowed me to do my work sincerely and kept on poking his nose in my personal matters too.He used to give his personal works to me and I had to do it with my own expenses. I belong to low middle class family and where my father is jobless and my mother is a private teacher. We dont have any financial support from anywhere. And my mother has some serious health issues. I feel helpless in such situation. I am the only son of them, so I have an extra reponsibility. In the first week of april this year my mother was rushed to hospital and my father asked me come over to rajasthan to see her. I gave a formal intimation application for leave to my reporting authority. I saw my mother in hospital and asked the doctor about her health.The doctor straight away advised me not to leave my mother alone and asked me to be with her. For many a nights I didnt sleep as I worried about my mother’s health. I was broken from inside. She used to cry a lot. In the meantime Mr Pati got this chance to ruin my carrier and to spoil my life. He started playing pathetic politics around me.He being my mentor should have helped me in such tragedy but he did opposite. He spreaded rumors that I had ran from my workplace due to my relation with a girl. I was very upset to hear this,was this allegation was totally false. He made a scenario to terminate me with help of a local activist leader. I again intimated the HR department that my mother is having some serious health issues but the HR depertment is totaly under Mr A K Pati’s control. Actually they wanted a local guy to join in my place. So that made a false story regarding me and made my life hell. I got a discipilinary action letter from my company twice and my father responded to the second letter. Even have mailed them several times regarding my rejoining delay. At last my father sent my mother’s chaeck up reports via email to some senior officials. But Mr Pati in meantime declared my termination and forwarded it to all the departmental heads. My father’s plea of transefering my sevice to any adjoining unit of adityabirla group at rajsthan was rejected by Mr Pati. My mother got that much stressed agian and still now she hasnt recorved. I want to know if a file a case against Mr pati then is there any chance that I will get justice,as they are big guns of market and I being a very tiny human.

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