AIRCEL – Balance deduction

On 21 sept, 2013 i checked my balance at night. It is 38.91 when i checked the balance the next day at 1 pm it is 23.91 .So i called the customer care of aircel and asked the reason of my deduction. They said that i have activated to animation pack on 21 sept at 11 am. Whereas i checked my balance on that night it is 38.91 .They didnot return my balance. I have not activated to any service. This is my 3rd time the have deducted 15 rupees. When i threaten them to complain against them in consumer court they didnot listen.

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  1. Unnecessarily my amount getting deducted.. Around 9 5 rupee got deducted from my main balance.. I hvnt activated any services.. I want my money back

  2. My balance was deducted on 03/Feb/2014 from AIRCEL no. I called on complain helpline no. And they said that the balance was deducted for some Value Added Service (They do’t know the service). I asked the for registering my complain but they put phone aside as I didn’t heard any sound from their side. I waited for few min. and then called again but got reply all our customer support executives are busy. I am getting the same message from more than a day after being called for around 50-60 times. I also called on AIRCEL VAS deactivation no. but got reply from there that no service is active on my number.
    Please help what to do ?