Archies Online — Product undelivered, refund not made

Hi guys,

This is the first time I m raising a complaint and you would understand how frustrated I am right now.

Archies, I thought is great brand and opted it for online delivery of few flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. But it turned out to be my biggest mistake in online shopping.

The product was not delivered on the requested date and more over the they have not yet given me the refund. I have made around 9 or 10 calls to the customer care and each time they give the same reply, “your cancelation request is under process and you will shortly receive the confirmation mail”.
Till date I have not received the so called confirmation mail.

Now that I have lost hope that I will get the refund, I thought I should atleast Warn those who are planning to do an online purchase at archies.

To guys who are reading this, please never ever purchase anything online from Archies. By the way I won’t even buy anything from their shops here after.

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