Askme Grocery — Cancelled my order and not letting me use the coupon

I had ordered on 22nd February, order no. – AMBAL942019856626. They cancelled my order without intimidating me about it. On 25th i asked about it and i was told that they had cancelled my order due to the product going out of stuck. Mind you I had 3 different products and magically all of them were out of stock at the same time in a big city like Mumbai. They asked me to place the order again. I tried to place the order but the coupon that I had used earlier was not applicable anymore. I called the consumer care, after keeping me on hold, the guy said that the coupon was no longer applicable as I had applied the coupon. He said that the coupon has been used irrespective of whether they deliver or not. I asked him to connect me to someone senior. He said that the manager is on another call and that he would call back within an hour. It has been 4 hours since then and I have not yet received the call.

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