– Good Not received over a month

I have purchased some household items which has some damages and defects. The company Awok has collected these back from me for replacement. Its been 5 weeks now that I have not got the replacement or the refund. Each time I call they keep telling me that I will receive it this week, but nothing. They refuse to give the location or ever a manager you can talk to.
Please I need help. It is not a matter of money, but the cheating that they have committed.

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  1. such a bad online shopping is awok. they are such a lier cock bitches .actually i ordered so many things and i didn’t get over days and when we asked about it they said we didn’t get money,and they said we called you but you didn’t pick the phone.and their service is very bad.dont buy from awoke.and call police and arrest them .according to consumer act we have the rights to redressl,and complain

  2. I had bought a balance wheel from awok but it was a defective piece.Though awok .com has collected this back 6 weeks now there is no replacement or refunds. Each time I call them they keep giving answers like 3 days , today, tomorrow for sure etc …They don’t have any responsible person whom you can contact or talk to. The customer care has no clue what they are talking. They don’t have any value for our money. Its cheating .