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Reported By: Sanjay patil

Contact information:
BaskinShop website Bhopal

I ordered a silicone phone case on date September 16th, 2022 from the online shopping company website – BaskinShop ….courier- Bluedart and then on September 19th, 2022 I received a mail from the site but it is COMPLETELY WRONG! THE PHONE COVER THAT I ORDERED WAS A SOFT LIQUID SILICONE FOR SAMSUMG PHONE ( GALAXY F62 TO BE PRECISE) AND WAS WHITE IN COLOUR but the one that I received in parcel was some cheap quality black cover that wasn’t even for samsung phone is bigger in size than the cover I received and everything is different so it’s of no use to me, also I payed Rs.670 /- in hopes of getting something good and worth buy what i received in the package is no where near 670/- im completely dissatisfied from what i have received and therefore I want to return this cover and either get the cover that I ordered or I need a refund please. I went on the site and asked for a return but I have received no reply from the customer service and the whatsapp number is not working either which is really frustrating and bad service and hence I have to submit the complaint here. Please consider my complaint and consider contacting the website management in order for them to see my texts and emails and reply to them in order for me to return the cover I received in package and get the one that is meant for my phone cause 670/- is a huge amount for a school student and it will go to waste if and I don’t get the cover I want or a refund … even though the ID and other important information on the package is right.. even the order that I did I written correct and yet the item inside it is completely wrong.
Below I will mention some details of the product that has been on the package that is received in case there is a need. The details on the package are correct but the contents inside are completely wrong so pleaseeeeee help me return this and get the right product or get a refund.
Details –
Order Date : September 16th, 2022
Invoice no. : NP/13619922
Courier : Bluedart
Tracking no. : 78834413626
Order ID : #BS3639
Item name : Galaxy F62 Soft Liquid Silicone BMW Case – white

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* Go to page
* Write BaskinShop in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from BaskinShop.

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