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Reported By: Maninderpal Singh

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Blk Super speciality Hospital

My brother who was suffering from a minor jaundice. He was treated for jaundice 2 months ago from fortis, and he was doing fine. But When he got it again so we thought to get it treated permanently from the best hospital in Delhi. So we reached Blk hospital after searching on internet.And then they started performing all kinds of tests, half of which had already been performed in the previous hospitals. But they didn’t care We showed them all the reports from previous hospitals and but they continued performing tests. And then decided to perform a surgery to permanently cure Jaundice under the leadership of Dr. Yogesh Batra.They assured us everything will be fine and Jaundice will go forever. So after the surgery everything was ok and we took my brother home with all the medicines which were very strong,

So my brother ate the medicines for a week as instructed and then his stomach started aching, So we took him to hospital again. Unfortunately it was sunday. Dr Yogesh Batra was at home. So my mother called Dr Batra and asked him to come to the hospital and take a look at my brother.Instead of showing humanity by helping my brother he told that there was a team of doctors who will attend to him. But this team of doctors was nothing but a team of toddlers and without proper investigation they went ahead and performed a surgery performed another surgery claiming that there is a hole in the intestine, but they couldn’t find anything and it was a wild guess. But this surgery weakened my brother and he was in icu with 100% ventilation.

Then started the flow of medicine and blood.They gave my brother 21 bottles of blood along platelets. Now he was in icu in critical condition.after a few days we got to know that the nurses were not doing their duties properly, specifically one male nurse ” Tony Mathew”.My brother went ahead and termed this nurse a “monster”. He even told us that these people are performing all kinds of experiment and will take his life eventually. But we trusted the reputation of hospital and the doctors. Our trust broke when of their own employees told us that something is not right. So we along with our family members went and lodged a complaint with senior management, they gave all kinds of excuses. Then they summoned Dr Batra, the moment we saw him, he couldn’t face us.We could see the guilt in his eyes.

Right after this incident they shifted him to the medical icu, where my brother gave up due to complete carelessness of the doctors and the nursing staff.

They claim to having the best of all the world, but it’s just the machine they have, rest the staff is the worst and insensitive. They know how to mint money.Even though money was never an issue but life is not a game which can be equated with life. This is not a hospital but a place where murders take place in a legal form and they are paid in excess amount to do it.

I am sure many might think that I am biased as he was my brother but I am saying the truth. If you love your loved ones do not think of going here as they will start with all the tests and end up by saying we cannot do much so please take him to any other hospital and finally they will take the life of your loved one.

I just wish I had never taken brother to this hospital.

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