Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. – Claim Rejected for replacement of our Car’s tyre due to wrong reason

I have bought a new Hyundai car on 03/5/2014 from JSV Hyundai lucknow.Then almost after a 6-7 month, one of my tyre of Bridgestone company tyre got burst out. Due to lack of time and emergency I had to buy new tyre on that day. Later on when I contacted both bridgestone and JSV hyundai service store their explanation was that such damages are due to Road Hazards and not due to manufacturing defect. Mr. Rohit who is an engineer from Bridgestone (9565212888) has given enough excuses to prove that its not a manufacturing defect.
I feel cheated and wish to teach this JSV Hyundai dealer and Bridgestone a lesson so that they do not take consumers for a ride. I will definitely going to highlight this on social media that what type of tyre Bridgestone is making that on one of the safest road (National Highway) tyre is getting burst out.

Customer satisfaction should be your high priority. It was not even 7 months and tyre made from Bridgestone got burst out on national highway. Tyre was in warranty period and my money should be refunded

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