Carlyle Carlyle global investments/Carlyle group of companies crypto currency – I lost 1670000 to the above company

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Carlyle and Carlyle global investments and Carlyle group of companies Mumbai and Delhi

I am writing this to help others not to fall in any trap and to get my money back if possible. I am a middle class house wife who lost 1670000 to the above company. I have been contacted by a person through telegram to work from home and get paid for Google reviewing. In between the tasks they will ask us to do some salary increasing mission to improve their crypto currency we have to pay some amount and they will tell us with some profits they will return back money. First they asked me to 9000, then 66000, then 166000. Here they join some three to four people as a group and we all have to pay and complete the task. Here one person did a mistake and placed wrong order because of that where we all had to face the consequences and place one more order 189000 to get our money back. I paid that also thinking that they will give my money back. After that before withdrawing money they say my credit score is less so I have to pay 440000 to increase my credit score which after they promised that I can get all of my in to my account. I paid that also . Then they told me to withdraw my own money which I have no experience of . I requested them to do it from their end because the details i had to enter were so confusing. But they said I have to do it by myself. I tried and made a mistake and they threatened me of freezing my account and made me transfer 624000 to withdraw my own though they know that I’m a beginner and after that when the time comes to withdraw my money they say that I have to buy their gold membership to withdraw large amount. They manipulated me and mentally tortured me. With loosing l kept on paying money to them. Now total 167000 0 are there in Carlyle bkexin account. Now they are asking me to pay 740000 and buy their gold membership large amount channel to withdraw my own money. This is all fraud . Please take the necessary steps and help me to get back my money.

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  1. Hello Maam, Can I contact you, 2 days back same fraud happened to me, Just want to know what further steps you taking, I lost 105000 Rupees, please help me

  2. I am Suma explaining all this because I don’t want anyone to fall into this
    trap anymore.

    I am middle class working woman, who lost 2.8 lakh with this company. First
    they promised me to give all the money back, now they are telling to pay
    9000/- for 1st salary increase task. After they asked to pay 40500/-. After
    that they asked to pay 145000 for withdrawal bill. After payment they
    created scene that I made mistake and need to pay loss recovery of
    165500/-. I was unable to pay as borrowed money many of friends to pay
    previous bills. now I should pay back to them which very hard for me,
    So please
    guys don’t invest your hard­ earned money in any of the companies like
    this mainly
    who contact you through telegram or whatsup. If you want to trade or invest
    in stocks, please do it yourself, don’t trust anyone asking you to invest
    and get the money back with extra profit, yeah

    At first I got the money, it was just a trust­ building process for which I
    have fallen. They contacted me through telegram, which has 24tasks a day,
    for every 5th task where they ask to send the money to the merchant and a
    concerned person will be assigned to us to do the prepaid tasks with steps.
    So, what they are telling is, I have done the mistakes 2times while doing
    their tasks, so the company is highly effected by me, That’s why credit
    score is decreased, to withdraw my money, we have to repair our credit
    score (which is 80, for every point 32500. Average credit score 90, so it’s
    325000) and they will withdraw my money and give my money back. See what
    happened with me, I have completely been manipulated by them

    In the fear of losing my money and fear of clearing my credits. Please
    don’t believe anyone who promises you money back with profit policy, it is
    completely a trap and a scam which happening in telegram. Like me many
    people are there who are not even coming out.

    Sir, I am here with attaching the files which have been sent by them.
    please do the needful for getting back my money.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. Earlier they told me to pay 9000 then said to pay 42500 then they said to pay 89500 I arranged the money n paid because I need my Previous money as well but they trapped me once again in another task of 213000 I am from a middle family I am not able to arrange an amount regarding the same. They told me to pay 25000 n take your withdraw of 40% I trusted again n paid 25000 now they r refusing n saying to pay 213000 n then go for withdraw I will commit sucide now bcz I have taken gold loan to pay the amount I can’t bear this much of loss I need my entire money

    1. Hello Maam, Can I contact you, 2 days back same fraud happened to me, Just want to know what further steps you taking, I lost 105000 Rupees, please help me

  4. Hii Nik Pooja this side, I also invested my all savings in this platform, I want my money back can you give me your number, so we will find better solution for our hard earned money, we can take legal action against this,and we have to come together for our money, please give me your contact number so I can call you please.

      1. Prabhakar Mishra

        Mam please help me for withdrawal my all hard earn money lost in this platform lost we 195000 financially bahut problem me hun meri 5 years ki saving ye

      1. Marjeena Khatun


        This is MARJEENA, even I have invested 80k and now my Carlyle account is also frozen as they are asking me to invest more than 2.5 lacs to withdraw the amount.

        Please contact me guys, we can come together and do something about it.
        [email protected]

    1. I have also invested but no money got return I have invested 5lakhs but now they are saying that please deposite 350000 another tomrefund the amount .
      Please.pooja ma’am help me..
      Name-Swagat kar

      1. Hi dear,
        I have lost too much money… can anybody can guide how to get it back from them… I have invested taking too many loans and now panic situation for me as a very low earning for me..
        Kindly help me to get my money returns and get out of this, save me..
        please contact on 9909073303