City Gas Agency pathankot – mismanagement

I suffer a lot of problem every time, I am single woman, so I have to come to refill my cylinder and there is no separate lines for ladies, and all ladies have to stand in the same queue, I want to ask if while voting / bus services/ railways can provide separate queue/seats who are they to made such rules. Sometimes it leads to misbehaviour by some wrongdoer. It’s my humble request Please do something about it.

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  1. They even don’t provide receipt. and when you ask for it , they talk to you in such a rude way and say take the cylinder if u want or leave. The lady is two rude who gives the slip, and the slip is to be handed over to the person in next room who is collecting money for the cylinder and the consumer slip is not given and is kept under that lady’s possession. Authorized person must look into the matter.