They called me from no +911204912600 & told job opening in MNCs, for that i need to do a registration of 1550 & including service tax total amount is 1741.48 rupees. After paying that one, they asked to complete the process n for that I have to provide again around 3500. I was never told that I have to pay another 3500 after paying 1550. When I asked them to return my Rs 1550 they denied. No job, no interview nothing.

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  1. Dear all Click2employment is a fraud job portals I have paid 19000 thousand rupees but he is no response & no job . I have ask return my amount but he asking not refundable your amount .
    pl. help me.

  2. I m going to rgistoer complent against so guys RU with me so we can get our money back if u have any proof then go and regitor complain against the c2e
    In consumer court so we can get refund

  3. Hi this is vinay

    I want to say something which is very urgent to click2 employment management. I have registered into your website. On 22-11-2013, I got a call from click to employment and asked me whether I am looking for a job or not . I said yes. One among your team named as vishal/vivek, i didn’t remember his name . But he said to me that I will get a job oppurtunity. He asked me to complete the formalities. First he asked me to login to the website and asked to me pay 2865 rupees including taxes. He said to me that Its just a registration fees and after he forwarded the call to some other person , then he asked me to pay for 3764 rupees . He told me very nicely that this amount will be returned to me within three days to my account. After that the concern person forwarded the call to susheel, he charged me 4101 rupees, after that I paid 3932 rupees, after that I paid 5562 rupees to complete my last verification. Like this they asked me to pay a total amount of 20225 rupees. It is a clear trap. I felt in that trap. All of you have cheated me.

    I forgot to say one thing after the final clearance they asked me to pay 5000 rupees and said that this is the final step. I said directly I didn’t have money and asked to close my account and pay my money back. They said to me that we will return your money back and asked my debit card details i.e; card number , cvv number, atm pin number etc. and also asked me that the account should be having 15000 balance. In your website it is clearly displayed that “PLEASE DONT SHARE YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD NETBANKING DETAILS”. Then again why you are asking to give the debit card details like debit card number, cvv number and atm pin. Imagine If I give all the details they will grab this 15000 amount also . The last person who have chased me is AMAN. He asked me to give all the bank account details. All these personnel have cheated me and grabbed my money. I told to AMAN to return back my money, this fellow said to me that my bank account should contain 15000 rupees. They have stolen more than 20000 rupees from me.Even the person named as Ravi also chased me for money and trapped me nicely. It is my mistake also I never see you guys and transferred the money blindly. I thought like I can settle. Every one of your team said that you are doing business legally. This is not legal business . This is pakka cheating. Think logically if really they want to return back my money they need only my account number, to transfer back my money. But they didn’t done in this way. They simply said to me that your company is having certain procedures and as per the procedures only they will follow. By cheating like this and grabbing money from innocent people, this will effect to your family members.

    Do you know how i transferred the money. I borrowed from my friends and even kept my mothers gold in bank and transferred the money. This is the basic common sense you should understand. I thought that by using click 2 employment website , i will get better job oppurtunity. But all of you have cheated me . I wont leave this matter as simple. I am having an expertise in software field. I will communicate this information through out the world. I will communicate this information to media. I will damage your fame and drag the concern persons to court.

    It would be great if you return back my money i.e; 20225 rupees. Otherwise face the consequences. I am ready for anything. Waiting for your reply.

    Track all the personnel who make me to cry and return back my money. Last thing I wanna say to all is please dont believe in click 2 employment website…