Coca Cola – Coca cola contain black sticky substance

Coca cola…Price tag 12 ….costs our life …Is our life so cheap??????

Is Coca Cola selling a product or playing with life of human? Earlier I used to think people are spreading rumor but yesterday while drinking I found some sticky rubber black substance Inside Coca Cola.
I work in a mnc in Noida and outside the premise there are many vendors selling products.I with my friends used to drink coke after having some snacks. Yesterday around 7 PM ,while drinking coke I noticed something in it. At first I ignored but suddenly I noticed a larger black rubber like substance sticked at the neck of bottle. It was so big that it covered whole mouth of bottle. I with all other people around me was surprised to see that coca cola contain such things which can cause severe health problem.I kept the bottle containg sticky substance and remaining part of coke with me.After sometime I felt like vomiting with stomach pain. After that I contacted coca cola customer care but they they show least interest.I contacted food officer V Yadav and he said that it will be tough to proof same and guided to another person. The other person singh ( not remembering full name) said that he will meet me tomorrow but no response yet.
I want to raise this issue as it may cost life of a person. These companies main aim is making money and for them our life is of no value . We need to be united and show that anyone cannot play with our life. This story needs to be reached to every Indian after all it is about our life, our children and friends life.

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