Coca Cola faridkot – fraud

Dear Sir / Madam, With due respect i am running a dhaba in faridkot city in punjab and i am a regular seller of your coca cola products from last 15years. This time i have been cheated by your SO named ISH SEHGAL and SM named BALWINDER DUGGAL. I have several complaints against them which are mentioned below: 1. They have charged Rs 40 excess on each empty crate which costs Rs240 but they have charged Rs 280. 2. They always sell their products to us without cash memo. 3. They do not accept coins and Rs 10 or 20 change. 4. They have sold us 4 chairs, table and an umbrella for Rs1700 which is free of cost with 10 crates. 5. They never gave the refund of Display Scheme. 6. They charge Rs 700 for 1.8lts Maaza 10 bottles. 7. From last one year they are charging Rs210 for 200ml crate and Rs 290 for 300ml without any scheme. 8. Their behaviour is very rude to us. 9. Sometimes due to shortage they deliver us expired products. 10. 180 Lts OYA Fridge which costs Rs8000 with four 200ml crates with which one fifth crate is free, they never gave the shopkeeper the free crate. One more thing it is only possible with the help of distributor named VS TRADERS, FARIDKOT. We tried to complaint several times but nobody cares and if the same continues we are not going to deal in coca cola products and if the same happens again we will lodge a complaint to main head office. More than 150 times all shopkeepers had lodge the complaint in AMRITSAR office but no action has been taken. So kindly please refund the loss we have beared from last few years. It shall be really appreciable. Thanking you, Faridkot Shopkeepers Association.

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