Colive – Regarding advance amount scam

Reported By: Arunachalam P

Contact information:
Colive Banglore
Transaction id – 6P221101171116960215


We were in search of Pg in chennai, shollinganallur. On November 1, I was contacted by a agent ashutosh and he said there is a offer going on with discounted price of 6k and 40% cashback. We were ok with it and told him to share the room images with us. He sent the images of amigo coliving property in shollinganallur, chennai. I saw the room and was ok with that and asked him 10 mins to get confirmation from my friends. Everyone was ok with that and and we were asked to pay 2999 for each person for booking the room. After the payment there was no message from him and he didn’t pick the call on that day. On Nov 2 we tried from morning he picked the call at 10:30 am and said I will be reaching the office within 30 minutes and i will call you back but there was no response till 3:30pm after that i again contacted him he said it will be updated within 30 minutes of time we trusted him and hang up the call. But again no response at 6 pm we called once again he said just now I reached office and now I am with billing team he updated with the wrong pg. The pg which was said by him was amigo coliving but he booked siri PG. So we tried calling him as usual no response. On Nov 3 we tried to call him from morning no response at 3PM i tried calling again he pick up the call and said you guys are calling for everyone second how can i answer the call, but only we know the pain we have paid 12000 but there is no response after that he said It was wrong with the billing team and they will update it with end of the day. Then I asked him when can i contact you again he told me call at 7PM. As usual no response. After that my friend ahamed thasveer tried to call him 8:30 PM he picked up the call and my friend made a con call with him in whatsApp. At that he was speaking rude and he was using bad words like CHUTIYA those kinds of words and singing some song and he disconnected it. We were unable to recorded it because it was a whatsApp call or else I would have posted in social media. How dare he can speak I’ll of us!!!!!. After that we contacted service desk a lady gave this email to explain the details. We need out payment back we are fed up with everything.

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