Complaint regarding Karbon Smart Tab 2

Case History Instrument purchased on 15th Sep’12 for 6381/- with Bill no. 22558, from Empire Stationary Mart, Vishal Bhawan, Nehru Place. Since day 1 – Instrument not working due to Software problem – Problem of hangging, wifi, blue tooth and many more Instrument given to Aim telecom – Auth svc centre of Karbon mobiles 1st Jobcard No. KJASPDL092313K788 Issued in Dec’12 2nd Job card Issued in Mar’13 3rd Job card No. KJASPDL092913K3230 issued on 7th sep’13 Instrument delivered back to me on 23rd Oct’13. However it is to my surprise that when I was back home and tried to connect WI FI to check and before it could connect to wi fi the application got hangged. and now the instrument is not getting on. Now that the instrument is out of warrenty, pls advice what is the solution to my problems. As a customer I am being harassed by the Co. by providing such pathetic customer service. From Day 1 I have been requesting the Co. to change this intrument and would once again request the Co. to replace this Instrument with a new one as the said Instrument is not at all reliable due to the severe problems in it related to WI WI, Blue tooth, Battery not getting charGed, USB Connectivity problem, Software problem. I have been cheated by the company for approx. Rs 6500/- and the mental harrasement I have gone through. Time and money all has been wasted. Pls provide me a reasonable solution by either refunding back my money or replacing this Instrument.

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