conviction call centre, data entry work, patna – fraud company

This company is total frod, they will charge me heavy money for deta entry work, i will pay the money and start work but whenever i ask for money the told next week, or have some problem come later but not pay me a single rupee atleast not my deposit, shashank, roma, aveenish all of them were frod, don’t trust them or take work from that cheaters.

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  1. whoever is saying bla bla bla has been cheated by conviction go and do a legal fir on us. secondly there is not even a single person who has posted here has not been paid by us. we have paid each and everyone. but there were huge delays which i admit .. but any tom dick and harry coming and making post is not good… we are not doing charity .. we gave you wor and paid…

    and still i stay in my office only come with watever power and support you have will revert you….. i hve paid and will pay but if anyone thinks by making fake posts because conviction has been totally made down is not good

    9905122444 i am here only