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Dear Sir, In my life will never ever use cok & kings and will advise even others not to opt for your company when planning their trips better is to plan self. 1)Ganesh informed us that support will be there throughout the trip till you return. 2) Spoke to Aprova for Cancelling the Trip as well. Very less call back. You were least bothered trying to extend our trip or anything or explaining. 3) We called Praveen three times and informed about flight delay & One day Cancellation so that we can get one day extension or so in room.In the same call informed what ever is the status mail me.Anything mail me will be checking mail for sure. 4) I informed Praveen that will not be picking the call of India No so mail me anytime. Will be checking there regularly .MUR No also send. 5) Flight we got option of shifting either for a day or two. We mailed you since no mail reply we didn’t opted as you guys were not interested in supporting us.You wont give us airport transfer or room extension. 6) We tried self for a day extension Laguna said room are booked. Shifting to other hotel would also be possible or other possibilty.But you Cok & King is worst Company for support. 7)No mail from Praveen about Status about Room Extension or Day Cancellation.He said he will be informing us.Clearly informed Praveen what ever status inform us. 8)Service sucks of Cok & Kings 9) Fraud Starts from Day 1. As Cok & Kings agent charged 300 Mur Sim Card Which actual worth is 100 rs. 10) Cok & Kings Sucks as they don’t check their E Mail at all. As we mailed on Saturday Early Morning. 11) Sat Sun Cok & Kings Don’t work. OMG 12)We mailed stating is this your service . No mail yet from Cok & Kings. 13) We wanted some one to guide us. Cok & Kings was worst at it. We took guidance from Abhishek from Pune . 14) He guided us where to get water bottle, where to get cheaper taxi, etc. As everything Aquasun which is Cok & Kings if Fraud. 15)Namrata Muthu Says she didn’t check mail. Why the heck you guys have mail ? 16) Have send u my Mauritius Mobile No too over Mail. NO reply.. As Cok & Kings were doing Fraud. 17)Room extension of the date of Dep 7 Oct. We were requesting hotel. They were saying it is upto the Travel Agency. Cok & Kings. 18) We waited there in hotel to speak to Reservation Manager.He made us wait for One Hour. 19) Room extension was also such a pain. We used to ask at reception daily twice for Room Extension. They used to say didn’t any one replied to you… 20) Laguna was also involved in Fraud with Cok & Kings. 21)We asked @ Hotel for Room Extension they said if Travel Company approves it then only. 22) After having a look of Fraud & No reply from Cok & Kings. We didn’t go to North Tour. 23) Cesla Park Extra Activities also we did our own Car. As Cok & Kings was total Fraud. 24) When payment or Finalizing Deal Cok & King works for Saturday till 4 pm and Sunday Toll free work As ganesh called me on Sunday. But when on Tour They don’t check mail and company don’t operate at all.. Total Fraud… 25)Mail also No one replied. One may be not working . All six not working for 3 to 4 Days. Better to close down Company. Cok & King Don’t Work from Saturday to Monday. But for payment you guys call on Sunday mail us on Saturday or Sunday.This is only expected from Company Cok & Kings. 26)Travel Experience is NIL. 27) After Coming back to India No one called or replied Yet. 28) I called and spoke to Sayed. Daily from 9th Oct. And Send him mail of My Experience.He informed mail has been sent.She will reply. He asked By Monday she will reply. 29) No reply from Namrada Muttu as Cok & king Normal . They don’t keep their own word. They say only to do Fraud. 30) Explained all the things to Sayed.I informed him everything he said will inform Namrada Muttu. 31) As expected Namrada Mutu is planning for full Fraud.She didn’t spoke to Sayed. Where as I have mailed please speak to Sayed for more detailed explanation. 32)I spoke to Namrada and informed we mailed when we were in Mauritus. She is telling no mail has been unanswered. Lol… Fraud again. We have sent items in Mail. 33) I infomred Namrada Mutu that was speaking daily to Sayed for reply or Status after coming back to Chennai. She called to Sayed in Conference and asking him did he called when was in Mauritius. 34) She asked to send me all mails which I sent when was in Mauritus. I wanted her to acknowledge as I am well verse with Cok & King. They will deny after some time. 35) I called up Again. She spoke and she wanted time till end of Day to reply to mail or acknowledge it. 36) No Cok & Kings My MUR No was also shared with you. You people didn’t even bother calling. Ganesh Mahajan This is Cok & Kings all my experience. Which is far better then Individual planning. Praveen Sir Any reply of my status yet ?? Never in Life time should choose Cok & Kings . Ganesh Cok & King is at a waste. I still remember your words you go with Cok & Kings you will remember for lifetime. That is perfect words by Ganesh. Cant forget in lifetime experience. Cok & Kings no support after the client date of Travel Starts. My Experience. I AM READY TO GO MAURITUS AGAIN TO LAGUNA IF SOME ONE COMES WITH ME FORM COK & KING. To make them experience their service .

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  1. Dear Anil,

    We would like to look into this matter with immediate effect. We request you to kindly mail us the details of the issue along with your contact details to [email protected]. This will help the concerned team to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Your Unique Reference Number(URN) is 2013_29. Kindly mention the URN in your mail.

    Team Cox and Kings India