DataWind – delivered wrong device and no replacement yet


Wrong product was delievered to me by datawind.
I got a call on 26/09/2013 from datawind asking me that am i still interested in buying their latest tablet and got a mail also they gave me 3 devices to choose from so i called back the person and told him i want to confirm UBISLATE 7CZ and he told ok i am confirming this for you but on 28/09/2013 i received UBISLATE 7C+ which is 1000 rs cheaper and with less functionality. This 20 days I called them wasted my money in that also mailed many times but no good response! Last week they told me i have to post back this product to the address that i will recieve on mail and as soon as they recieve this device they will deliver 7CZ but till date i havnt recevied any mail from them and i called them in between many times and they just keep saying wait we will mail soon!! This is a fraud company i have seen many complains like my case they show 7CZ and Sent 7C+ !! Now I want my Money back or they should deliver 7CZ and take this 7C+ this is there mistake why should i suffer ! And their customer service is very very poor!!

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