Deals on door services pvt ltd – Fraud made out of greed

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Sir I want to file a complaint against fraud done by the company the DEALS ON DOOR SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Deals India Pvt Ltd whose website is This company has told me that I have been nominated to their monthly contest and if I do shopping of 4999 then I will get many prizes and in that concern, I paid them 4999 through there just dial pays portal After the payment they told me that I have been nominated for their annual prize too which is Hyundai I-20 car top model but for that I have to do a Document Verification and do the shopping two times which may or may not come, in addition, they told me that they will try that the shopping will not come. To my surprise, they asked me for my document and the money to verify my documents. I refused that there is nothing to pay to verify the document and it is a Govt approved IDs and they frightened me that if I do not pay then I will not get the car and the 1st prize for which I was nominated for and more over the prizes for which I had paid Rs. 4999 will also be not delivered to me so I paid them a Rs 10000 two times and they still demanded more then I write a mail to refund my money back then they again frightened me that my account will be blocked and all my money which I have paid to them will not be returned and my 1st prize will also not be given to me. They asked for 7998 more so that my documentation will be completed. I paid them this amount too Now comes the shopping They told me that I have to shop for Rs 19999 only and the second shopping will not come. But after paying them Rs 19999 they told me that the second shopping has also come which is of Rs.22999. I refused to pay that as earlier I was told that second shopping will not come. But again they frightened me that all the money which I have paid will not be returned and I will be disqualified for all the prizes for which I have been nominated for. So I paid that also. Till now I haven’t received my 1st prize for which I have paid Rs.4999 Now I doubt abt all this maybe I have been fooled by and I asked them abt their company. They told me that their company has been a Private Limited company and they send me a link In this link, they showed me that their company is running since 2015 and they giving prizes for last 3 years and just to cheat me only they have not formed the company. They made me realized that their company is a genuine one. I also enquired abt the company from the just dial portal too. And they told me that this company is a verified company and is working since 2015. They promised that my 1st prize will soon be delivered to me and I got my 1st prize and they told me that my laptop which is in the 1st prize will be delivered to me later own. They also told me that for the 1st and 2nd shopping which I have completed I will get one ( ONE PLUS 6T ) mobile and 2 laptops very shortly. Now comes the registration for the annual 1st prize which is Hyundai I-20 They told me that the company had paid Rs.32000 from their side and I have to just pay Rs. 32000 from my side in order to claim the car I-20 prize. After great difficulty, I paid that also. After paying those Rs 32000 I was told that the Rs 32000 which company had paid had been rejected now I have to pay that money also. They frightened and forced me to pay 32000 also. Now comes the payment for the venue where I will be delivered the car I was asked to pay Rs 25000 for the venue and rest 80 % of the venue expenses will be bear by the company itself. After a long argument, they told me to pay just Rs.9999 and rest will be bear by the company and also promised me to pay back the whole 32000 + 32000 + 9999 into my account back after the account verification is done by the SBI bank. So I paid Rs 9999 and the venue of divine city centre Kurukshetra was finalized and the date 31st December 2018 of giving me the prize was fixed. Now comes the account verification For the account verification, they asked me the account details in which the above said amount is to be deposited back they are asking for another Rs 20000. Now, this is the limit. I refused to pay this. And asked me to pay my money when u give away the annual 1st prize on 31st Dec. now they are saying that all ur benefits are cancelled now and when I ask for the money they say that I have to pay 20000 in order to get the money One of my friends told me about your website sachet through which I can file a complaint against these types of cheats. Please do the needful and help me in getting all my prizes or the money to me back I will be grateful to you if u arrest these types of frauds give them the proper punishment so that no one can do these types of frauds to anyone and taking advantage of innocent peoples greed and fear. The phone numbers from which all these frauds have been made are 01140544304 01141084466 01140544336 01140544334 08887991552 01141730999 01141085888 08887991552 I have all the phone recordings and the payment proofs. If u need I can provide u with all. Attaching the Payment Receipts Hoping for immediate action. Thanks

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