Reported By: DEEPA

Contact information:
ticket no: 427397913237 8706420728893 8706420629265 427397913237 8706420629265

Meesho agent by shadowfax delivered me 1 product on 28th january and in app its shows 2 and which one delivered to me its wrong product
where is my product and where is my refund
1 days is gone but customer care service agent no one cooperative with me didnot give any resolution
no one take action to seller who did this bad game
everyone told me wait for 1 hour or 1 day 2 day 5 day
no one give solution
very bad experience by meesho
its a fraud by meesho or seller who will not send any product to customer and dinot refund money
totally fraud
everyone give me ticket no. but no resolution no refund really disappointed
today is 5 feb everytime customer care service told me that wait for 48 hours always misguiding also
customer service name : DARSHAN, MANISHA,SHIVAM,SHRUTI, SHIVANI , jitender kumar ETC
they do fraud they sent wrong product or missing product and didnot give any refund everytime tell a lie to me that initiated refund for this and wait for 48 hours and after 48 hours told me due to technical error complaint again raise
please take action on meesho
in last they told me validatity is expired after 7 days they didnot solve my issue its totally fraud after 7 days they denied to process

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